The Nissan 370Z Roadster

Fast ‘bling’ cars usually go hand in hand with the catch phrase ‘toys for boys’; they’re big, and bulky, go faster than the speed of sound and women are usually completely intimidated at the thought of even driving one. Well ladies, times they are changing. When Rave Review! was given the opportunity to test-drive Nissan’s new 370Z Roadster we excitedly threw our hands up in the air and relished the challenge that awaited us. We were going to be driving in style.

The first thing that got my attention as the Nissan 370Z pulled up the driveway was ‘that’s one good looking car’. With 20” RAYS wheels holding it up, its design is smooth, and balanced. It catches your attention right away. Not to mention the eyes of every driver we passed on the road.  The design is a sight, will make you weak in the knees and tells you straight out ‘I am a Sportscar’ and believe me when I tell you, it looks the part.


The sleek and sexy interior of the 370Z

The cars interior is just as attractive as the outside.  The aluminum blended with leather is one classy touch making you feel like a Hollywood starlet. Every button you’d ever need to reach in the car is at arms length. The seats are so comfortable; you almost sink into them like it was especially made for you to sit in.  Another cool feature is that the seats can be warmed up or cooled down, depending on how you feel.  Your steering wheel is covered in leather, is a pleasure to hold and is adorned with buttons to control your mobile phone, On Board Navigation, Audio and Cruise control.  The inside seats just two people, but there was plenty of space and nobody felt claustrophobic.  There’s even a little space behind you to throw your gym bag, or handbag. The boot is not very big at all, but thats usually the case with a Roadster. You will find thought that there is enough space for a quick shop, or your golf clubs.

Now we must admit, we had a little fun bringing the top up and down…as girls would. It’s so easy and works at the push of a button. The beautifully lined cover lifts up and folds down in an instant. Once we had the top down it was time to see what this baby could do. And it did not disappoint. With 332-horse power this car soars and you don’t have to rev the car at all to get it going to ridiculous speeds.  Pulling away is a breeze and when it comes time to break, you never get the feeling that it wont stop, no matter how fast you’re going.

This is one solid car, as solid as a Tiffany silver-plated ring ladies.  We never felt one squeak or uncomfy movement. Best thing about the Nissan 370Z is that the base car comes fully loaded with every single extra imaginable. That’s right, you don’t pay extra for one thing. Now we don’t know any other brand of Sportscar that can boast that.

Whats the moral of the story girls? We can drive any fast car just as well as the boys can, and when we need to get to a 50% off sale in record time; we just may drive it better!

**Rave Review! would love to thank Nissan South Africa for the opportunity to test drive this amazing car.

***The Nissan 370Z is available from all Nissan Dealerships in South Africa. Visit them at or for more info.