CHANEL has done it again. They have created a foundation so fabulous, and so elegant that I feel like dressing up each time I apply it. Having discovered the gorgeous world of CHANEL cosmetics a few years ago, I have become quite obsessed to say the least. It's not about the name, of course the Coco Chanel ditty does help, but CHANEL cosmetics are of such a high quality, that with each product made, the attention to detail, colours, the smells, and the finished look never fails to amaze. When you're wearing it, your makeup looks flawless, radiant and effortless. 


Their newest offering Vitalumière Aqua Compact has fast become one of my favourite products. Being a slave to CHANEL foundations, my favourite being Perfection Lumière, I have searched high and low to find that extra special, uber gorgeous foundation perfect for day wear. One that gives me just the right amount of coverage, but which looks natural and glowy at the same time. While, Perfection Lumière is just the right product for evening wear and a match made in heaven for any swanky red carpet event, the new Vitalumière Aqua Comapct is my latest find for fabulous and flawless day skin. To be honest, I've even been wearing it at night, and it exceeds all my expectations and checks every box.





This specialised formula is made with 24% water, which is why when you apply it, it almost feels like you're putting a cool towel to your face. It has a very creamy texture, but also does not have a thick cake like feel to it as some other foundations do. You know what I mean, when you apply a cream foundation that seems to weigh more on your face then you do on the scale?? Not this foundation. This one is very airy. It's been created for normal to dry skin, and literally just melts onto the skin and as it has been tried and tested, I can honestly vouch for the fact that it DOES last the entire day. I very rarely had to touch it up. I also found that it dries to a matt finish which I love. It's almost powder-like, and the best thing about this foundation is no creases. It does not even feel like you're wearing anything, and this is due partly to the fact that Vitalumière Aqua forms a second skin on your face.  The Vitalumière Aqua Compact also contains coated pigments, Vitamin E and an SPF 15. It protects your skin while enhancing it's natural beauty. 


The foundation comes in a very gorgeous mirror compact. It has a covered seal which you close after each application so as to protect the contents from drying as it's made with water. I also noticed that the pod where the base sits does pop out, now maybe that means CHANEL is going to come out with refills for it. No word on that yet but I will keep you updated. Now, the product does also come with a great sponge, when I applied the foundation with this I was impressed. Since then though, i have been applying some product with the sponge to my face, to the areas I will be covering. I then take a buffing brush and in circular movements I work it into the skin all over. I find this gives a sensational polished, flawless look. A great foundation brush works well too. But if you do enjoy applying foundation with a sponge which a lot of people do, then this sponge does the job perfectly. It also comes in handy for those on-the-go moments, just pop the compact into your handbag and you're ready to roll.





Vitalumière Aqua comes in 13 shades globally. It is organised into 3 different harmonies that meet the needs of each woman according to skin tone. There's Beige Rosé for a fresh, anti-fatigue result; Beige for a natural skin matching result; and Beige Ambré for a healthy glow. 


Rave Review is sold on this foundation. Having discovered CHANEL foundations, I can honestly say I won't ever use another brand again. Now ladies, you might be thinking it's a little on the pricey side, and for some if may be, BUT it's actually quite affordable and their products last at least two or three seasons. So, moral of the story? Every woman needs some elegance in her makeup routine as well as in her life. We can't think of a better brand than Miss Elegance herself Coco Chanel to start you on your way to glamour.



A flawless look!

In these two pictures I am wearing

Vitalumiere Aqua in shade 

10 Beige