Diamonds – not only are they every girl’s very best friends, but when worn evoke a sense of glitz, glamour and complete satisfaction and contentment. These sparkly things called Diamonds were meant to be worn, meant to be ‘oohed’  and ‘aahed’ at, meant to be adored the world over; and most importantly, picked from only the best selection that money can buy. Hard Rock Creations will sweep you off your feet.



Specialists in 18 Carat and 9 Carat jewellery, Hard Rock Creations is the place to go for personal service and skilled attention to detail. Have some fun choosing from only the finest selection of semi-precious stones including sparkling rubies, sublime sapphires and gorgeous tanzanite. Wholesalers will be spoilt for choice when picking out dazzling diamonds for their clientele; select your diamond sparkle from an incredible range, no matter how big or small. There are different shapes, sizes, tons of colours and clarity's  to tickle your fancy. Hard Rock Creations also specialize in comprehensive trade, and stock an amazing variety of earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Get lost in the shininess of it all.






Zalman Storger, owner of Hard Rock Creations has endeavored to make sure that the grace and sophistication of his pieces and stones are a timeless affair. His passion and knowledge of jewellery not only makes this company one to watch, but it also catapult’s them to the forefront of the broad-spectrum market. One thing we can guarantee is service excellence. Zalman strives to ensure that each client and customer receives personal, attentive service. The ability to tailor make anything to suit the clients needs is what makes this company above and beyond the rest. It’s dynamic, and most definitely diverse. Sticking to the status quo is one mantra that Hard Rock Creations do not follow. They dare to be different, they test the boundaries of the market, and most importantly they stay current with regards to worldwide trends. Hard Rock Creations is the place to call for an elegant, classy and above all, quality choice.

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