Rave Review's favourite time of year has to be each time that Chanel launches a new makeup range. It's elegance personified, and we are here to not only break the myth but squash it completely, the historic hearsay that a Chanel makeup obsession will bankrupt you, THIS IS A LIE. We promise you'll still have plenty moola over to go and splurge on some shoes and bags. Tons of our readers have written in to us saying Thank You for steering them in the direction of Chanel Perfection Lumiere, and Vitalumiere Aqua foundations. You all adore it as much as we do, and now we have to apologise in advance for what we're about to do to your senses, but the folks at Chanel have launched their Summer 2012 range (they were backwards in Europe), and from what we've tested and eventually bought, you'll be flocking to the counters in the weeks to come.





Every Summer makeup range has to come with a deeeevine bronzer, if it doesn't then it's a worse crime than Gaga parading around in yesterday's beef. Lucky for us, this collection comes with 2 stunning bronzers to choose from. The Soleil Tan De Chanel range has become synonymous with sun kissed features and just the right amount of glow. It has a cult following and from rushing out to buy this one and another one which I will talk about separately down below, it's not hard to see why. There are 2 delicious shades, Sable Rose which I got, a very luminous, dewy bronzer. It mixes strips of sand,spice,gold and pink shades together. Use them each individually or mix them together for the ultimate effect. The other shade, I think suited more for the darker skin is the Sable Beige. This one highlights your face with strips of beiges and browns. Blend it softly or offset it in an intense way. We love the gold in this one too.





The eyes are the windows to our souls, and with these three products, you'll achieve that sexy, smoldering look in no time. Extra flirty bonus; the guys will be lining up to look into those gorgeous eyes of yours! Chanel's latest eyeshadow duo is the Ombre Contraste Duo in the colour Sable-Émouvant. A natural beige and very dark brown, mix them up for the ultimate day or night look. Two eye crayons complete the collection with The Crayon Yeux in Burn Intense as well as the Crayon Khôl in the shade Pêche Cuivré. 


A highlight for Rave Review lies always in seeing what fabulous new lip colours Chanel manages to come up with, and in this collection we were tickled coral so to speak. Coral is officially our favourite shade of the season, I have been wearing it everywhere and I don't foresee myself putting the brakes on it anytime soon. Rouge Coco Shine is my favourite brand of lipstick from Chanel. It is so soft and smooth and when you put it on, has this wet shine that lasts forever. There are two new shades in the Summer collection, Empriente, a soft beige, and my personal favourite, En Vogue, a stunning tangy coral.  Their lip glosses in this range, Lèvres Scintillantes also kick some seriously pretty butt. There are two shades, a beige in the colour Sirocco and a deep orange with Calypso.


Not to be left out are our gorgeous manicured nails and toes. We adore the new Le Vernis shades in Holiday, because let's be honest, it's coral! The colours Delight, a bronze, and Island, a pearly golden beige, are also fabulous!


All in all, the Chanel Summer 2012 Makeup Collection will leave you bronzed and beautiful. It's too delicious for words, and just like screaming Bieber fans worldwide, you'll be forever in love.


Levres Scintillantes                                       R 295.00

Rouge Coco Shine                                         R 340.00

Le Vernis                                                         R 255.00

Le Crayon Yeux Brun Intense                       R 230.00

Ombre Contraste Duo Sable-Emouvant       R 425.00

Le Crayon Khol Peche Cuivre                       R 230.00

Soliel Tan                                                        R 575.00



Now onto something separate as I told you above. I have this thing about bronzers. I'm always on the look out for a new one, one that gives me a gorgeous glow,a gold grecian like shine, and a killer effect. I never want a bronzing product  that looks fake, and makes me look like I'm filling in for the Oros Man throughout the day. Orange type bronzers are most definitely a no no. So, being a slave to Chanel, and especially a mad fan of their Soleil Tan De Chanel range, I was eager as a beaver to try out their Bronze Universel and boy oh boy, I can honestly say I have fallen head over heels in love.



The product comes in a gorgeous packaging, and there's something about the Chanel ranges, they just smell so damn good. This one reminds me of peaches. The consistency is very creamy like, not too hard but not soft either. I tried out tons of applicators including a Body Shop Foundation Brush, a Mac Stipping brush, and an angled blush brush. They all worked, but the one that worked the best was a small  AVON Kabuki brush. It's a very dense brush and doesn't leave hairs in the product, you also get a great amount of product on the brush. I just swirled it around and applied it to my face, temples and hairline. I then blended it all out and like magic, sun kissed and fabulous. This is definitely on my all time MUST HAVE NOW shopping list.


Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel - R430