I hear you ladies - Winter, is getting old, and extremely cold. Fast. The 5 layer outfits and thick coats just don't hold the same razzle dazzle any more - even if they are designer. Hot chocolate every night has overstayed its welcome, not only in my kitchen cupboard, but on my hips - and the DVD player is begging for a holiday of its own. I guess there’s only so many titles it can play on those dreary windy days. But things are looking up gals, because at this time every year, CHANEL gives us something so beautiful, a collection so perfect, and so artistic, that the mention of the Autumn season has us turning back the clocks and leaping like 5 year olds through heaps of copper coloured leaves. This is the sole inspiration by which CHANEL’s newest collection ‘ Les Automnales’ gets its colour palette. 



CHANEL’s makeup studio gained inspiration from the Autumn season for this stunning collection, Les Automnales. The magical Autumn season brings out the luminosity of colours like no other, and they have developed a collection of essentials caught between shadow and light combining muted undertones and radiance. The warm and subtle harmonies compose a collection of timeless elegance, focused on khakis, browns, fawn and ochre notes, lush greens and flamboyant reds.

A tribute to all of these natural shades that indulge in one last dance before settling down to sleep. Both brilliant and melancholy, the season is an invitation to a gentle sensuality.


CHANEL are taking you on a journey of nature’s most authentic and natural colours. They are the colours you see when walking through a forest - both dark and light. The way that the sun hits a leaf or breaks through a cloud and settles on a rocky pathway. It’s natures hues that set the scene for this season’s gorgeous collection. 


We have so many favourites, that it was painfully hard to set them all apart. But here are our absolute must haves from this collection, why you need to buy them, and when you can get them. I’ll also fill you in on the rest of the collection, so don’t worry!


Lets start with the lips. CHANELlipsticks are my all time favourite formula’s. They are insanely pigmented and hydrating, and last a long time before you even have to think of reapplying. And there’s a formula for everyone in this collection. Don’t forget to prep your lips beforehand - I always carry my trusted Rouge Coco Shine Baume in my handbag at all times. I also have one in my makeup drawer. It’s definitely my go to. 

So in this collection CHANEL’s focus is on luminosity. 


“A bird’s plumage glimpsed on a branch, the velvety comfort of cushiony moss and the satin radiance of reddening leaves... Lips highlight these variations of colors and effects. Matte, satin or glossy shades: every effect, as long as it is luminous.”




There are four new colours in this collection. I have two must haves - Rouge Coco Shine in the shade Téméraire is a deep, rich brick red. Rouge Allure Velvet in Pensive is a gorgeous cool nude beige. The other two shades in this collection are La Bouleversante, an intense red, and Mélancolie, a coppery brown. 





Onto what Rave Review readers know is my guilty pleasure in EVERY CHANEL collection, and thats the blush! The Les Automnales Joues Contraste in the shade Alezane is pure perfection. I have been wearing it non stop, its just so darn beautiful. 

This shade is really something special. With its coppery pink tones, and bronze undertones, it gives the cheeks a warm healthy glow. There isn’t too much shimmer when it goes onto the skin, but gives just the right amount of sparkle to warm up the complexion. 




Now every CHANEL collection has what is called an exclusive creation, and in Les Automnales its the Entrelacs Eyeshadow Palette. This limited-edition palette contains 5  beautiful eyeshadows, stamped with a graphic motif inspired by Cistercian stained glass windows. This perfectly geometric interlacing is thought to have inspired Mademoiselle Chanel to design the iconic double C of the House.

The palette also pays tribute to the natural, changing tones characteristic of autumn landscapes. These eyeshadows are so silky smooth and apply like a dream. There are a combination of matte and satin shadows, one with shimmer. You can use all 5 shadows together to illuminate and sculpt the eye, or use one or two colours together. It doesn’t matter which combination you choose, the result will always be the same - perfection.




The Le Vernis nail polishes in the Les Automnales collection are very unique. I have two out of the three. There’s Écorce Sanguine, a deep and flamboyant red with brick accents. Châtaigne is my favourite of the three and is a delicious chocolate shade with  shimmers in the light. Vert Obscur is a slightly blue-toned and wildly elegant green-black. 


What else is in this collection?



The Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliners are definitely intense and long-lasting, and come in four new shades. Feuilles, an intense khaki, Ardent, a copper, Érable, a vintage bronze with golden effects, and Pomme de Pin, a smoky brown. 





We recommend pairing it with our all time favourite mascara Le Volume De Chanel. It extends lashes and coats them in dramatic fashion. 





Our favourite cream eyeshadows have two new shades in this collection -Illusion D’ombre adds Roug-Gorge, a rust orange, and Fleur de Pierre, a slate grey, to their fabulous offerings. 




There is also a new Les 4 Ombres in the shade Tissé d’Automne where Khaki is the star of the show. Featuring a deep matte khaki, a copper brown, peach beige and a golden khaki shade. 




Exclusive Creation - Entrelacs (Limited Edition)           R870.00

Les 4 Ombres - Tissé d’Automne                                  R775.00

Illusion D’Ombre - Rouge-Gorge (Limited Edition)       R475.00

Illusion D’Ombre - Fleur de Pierre                                R475.00

Stylo Yeux Waterproof                                                  R370.00

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara                                    R485.00

Joues Contraste - Alezane                                           R605.00

Rouge Allure Lipstick - Pensive                                    R505.00

Rouge Coco Shine - Téméraire                                    R505.00

Le Vernis - Châtaigne (Limited Edition)                        R365.00

Le Vernis - Écorce Sanguine                                       R365.00