A relationship is built on love and respect. It should be one of give and take; one of compromise and most importantly on truth. It will be one of the most significant partnerships of your life and yes, it can be the common denominator in whether you laugh or cry through the day, month, heck even the year. Rave Review isn't talking about your significant other, mother, father, sister or brother. No ladies, in actual fact this relationship extraordinaire is between you and your hair styler, and in this case, your GHD. In today’s Rave Review we’re giving it straight to you (excuse the pun) about our must have product and the knight in shining armour who has slain my hair dragon and given my tresses the confidence, shine and va-va-voom it was always meant to have. So, read on gorgeous people, you're going to love this!


I don’t know about you but I take great pride in my long, beautiful hair. When it comes to looking after my hair I definitely treat it like my skin - masks, treatments and oils. Drying my long and thick hair is another story. Throw me into any kind of humidity and thats a nightmare on Elm Street all on it’s own. I am always committed to keeping my tresses healthy throughout Winter, so that at the beginning of Summer it looks healthy and shiny. Hair Masks and hydrating shampoos take over my bathroom, and essential oils on the ends makes for a time consuming weekly ritual. What top’s my entire haircare routine off? My trusted fairy godmother in haircare - the GHD.





I can’t live without my GHD. I can live without sugar, if I have to. I can live without peanut butter M&M’s, if I have to. But I cannot and will not live without my GHD. No matter what climate I’m in, my hair straightener always sees me through. Granted, having such long and thick hair is a bit of a time consumer. I usually blow dry and straighten my hair while catching up on all of my reality TV; and I realised that it was taking me longer to do my hair for a VIP media event than it was for me to do my makeup. Shocking, I know. 


So when I got my hands on the new GHD V Max Styler I was giddy with excitement. Would it live up to the hype? Would it straighten my hair in the same fashion as my previous GHD; and would it cut my hairdo time in half?! Yes, yes and yes are the answers.



The GHD V Max Styler is the answer to every woman with long or curly hair’s prayers. The first thing you’ll notice on this device is the thicker plate. Its not as narrow as the standard models. This means you won’t need to partition thin strands of hair onto the plates anymore. You can straighten more hair strands all at once and in half the time. The contoured edges of the Max Styler also helps to create perfect curls and J-LO waves. Your hair will be straight, sleek and shiny. The epitome of healthy hair with the incredible standard you expect from GHD.  



This model also feels incredibly light. I travelled overseas with it recently and it was such a pleasure. Because of it’s universal voltage, you’ll get the same heat and strength anywhere in the world. Another nifty feature of this model is that it comes with a protective plate guard. As soon as you’re done styling your hair, switch the device off and pop the plate guard onto it. No more burning your fingers or surfaces of your floor or table. I also popped the guard onto the GHD for travelling purposes and it worked like a charm. The Max Styler also features an automatic sleep mode. Perfect for all the calamity Jane’s out there who forget to switch their hair straighteners off and come home to no house. The sleep mode is activated if the styler isn’t used for 30 minutes. 





The GHD V Max Styler is my absolute must have for this festive season. So be sure put it on your Christmas lists. It’s like Carrie Bradshaw said, “Friendships don’t last for years, you have to invest in them” (Sex & The City). Invest in your hair today with this styler. 


These days when I walk out of my house and onto the red carpet of an A List event  I’m the brunette from Raymond Chandler’s Farewell my Lovely - Untouchable. Invincible. Irresistible; and it’s all thanks to my Max Styler.



















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