If you’ve been subscribed to Rave Review since the beginning you would have learnt two things about me. One, I absolutely love the colour pink; and two, makeup makes the world go round. Makeup for me is one of those wonderful commodities the world has to offer. I just adore it. My favourite brand is undoubtedly CHANEL, the history behind it, and what it represents today is as strong as it was the day that it began. 

Coco Chanel said it best when she said ‘“I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” 


So what is it about makeup that led to such an obsession so to speak? It’s the way makeup can make you feel as a woman thats so special. It’s the magic it creates, the flaws you can hide and the features you can enhance. I’m a firm believer that makeup will enhance your natural beauty, and play-with your favourite features. 

My collection is very special to me. I have spent years building up exactly what I love and what I know works best for my own personal style. I love buying different foundations at a time! A good foundation creates the perfect canvas on which to paint. My absolute favourites at the moment is very old school. Its the MAC Face and Body Foundation. I use shades C1 and C3, mixed together to create my favourite shade. I am also loving the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation, Chanel Vitamlumiere Aqua and Matte Velvet, plus the DIOR Airflash is flawlessness in an aerosol form.  

When it comes to eyes, I love them all. Liners, mascara’s, eyeshaodow singles and tons versatile palettes. There’s nothing better than a neural day look, and a little bit of black in the outer vee adding that bit of glam going into a night look. Another thing I love to do with makeup is bronzing, highlighting and contouring. Every woman needs to know how to do this. You can slim your face down and naturally bronze where the sun would hit your face, and then highlight your central features so it looks like you are glowing from within. My favourite tools to do this? Concealer sticks that are darker than your foundation works best as a contour. I love the LA Girl High Definition Concealers in Natural and Bronzed. They’re affordable and make a statement. I am a highlighting queen; honestly honeys I love dripping in champagne gold. The glowier the better.  


So with all this makeup where is a girl meant to keep it all? Thanks to the stunning ladies at GlamCubes, makeup storage is now a wish and an order away. We are obsessed with these designer Makeup Organisers, and they are a worthy winner for todays Rave Review. The black organisers and bling bling handles are to die for!


The GlamCubes Makeup Organisers are so good that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. They come in different sizes, ranging from a mini ones to a 4 storey ones. You can even have one designed to fit your own needs and personalised. They are super strong, stable and won’t break so you can fit so much in them. The fun bit comes when you’re arranging what makeup goes where. If you’re an organiser freak like me, then you’ll find you put products in categories layer by layer. 


GlamCubes are revolutionising the beauty world in South Africa by bringing us products that we could never get here before. I searched high and low for excellent makeup storage and just couldn’t find anything that would get the job done. And then this arrived on my desk. They are so chic looking, and will glam any vanity desk up with its presence. So go on and channel the inner diva in you, you know you want to!


I think of my makeup as precious commodities, my babies so to speak, and thanks to GlamCubes I can now treat my little treasures of cosmetic heaven with the respect they deserve! 

 Rave Review are SO excited to be partnering with GlamCubes in the next 10 editorials and many more to come. We are going to be taking you through our favourite must have products from makeup brands like Revlon, Maybeline, Loreal, Lancome, CHANEL and many more! We’re starting with CHANEL on Sunday and we can’t wait to share it with you. So, meet GlamCubes - you’re going to be seeing a lot of them on Rave Review and please click their banner links on the sides of our screen where you can see all the gorgeous products they have to offer. 

It’s like our hero Carrie Bradshaw says, “maybe the best any of us can do is not quit,  but play the hand we’ve been dealt, and ACCESSORISE what we’ve got”. GlamCube’s allow you to accessorise all your treasures in the most perfect way possible, bringing out the diva in you along the way!











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