So there I was a few weeks ago, writing up another amazing Rave Review for all you gorgeous beauties, getting my Seattle Coffee fix of course, and waiting for a client to arrive, when someone stopped at my table to ogle over my drool worthy red handbag. Not only was she marveling at how stunning the actual bag was, but most notably, a self confessed career gal like myself, she was impressed by what I was able to keep inside this bag, while still being able to look super stylish and on trend.  This bag is a designer handbag and stores your laptop, iPad, iPhone and any other bits and bobs you need as a forward thinking modern woman in the business world. 

This gorgeous lady basically wanted the bag, and if I hadn't told her where to buy one,  she probably would have walked out the shop with mine - and I would not have been a happy editor. When she replied that she was going to order one for herself immediately, I was more at ease - my beautiful red bag was safe. So carry on reading, because I’m going to tell you all about this magical handbag, what it holds, the incredible designer behind the brand - and where you can get one for yourself.




Introducing your new bestie - Jennifer Middleton Bags.



Jennifer Middleton learnt to sew and design breathtaking patterns with the help of her mother. A professional ballet dancer, Jennifer wanted to create the same beautiful lines that you get from movement and translate that through design. In 2010, Jennifer ventured into  the world of leather crafting, and its here that she found her niche. Inspired by the richness of African culture, Jennifer offers the highest quality African leather skins, fabrics and accessories. She got the opportunity to study handbag design in London and during this time, the first range for Jennifer Middleton Bags was dreamed up. Jennifer has not forgotten her roots, and lovingly names each handbag she creates after characters in famous ballets.

I have a beautiful Jennifer Middleton Bag called the Nikiya Bag. And boy is she a stunner. This is not your average designer handbag - but the kind of bag that every woman with ambition should own. This luxury laptop bag looks like it came straight off the runway in Paris. It’s secret is in what it holds while still looking on fleek at all times. It was designed with the intentions to meet the practical needs of women with space to carry all you need while still looking glamorous at all times. Mary Poppins would have loved this one!




The Nikiya Bag even comes with an additional makeup, evening bag inside (valued at R400). We popped on the silver strap and were instantly in love with it. It’s also perfect to keep your purse, makeup, iPhone or iPad mini in for that day to night event, business meeting, or just an evening with the girls. 




The Nikiya bag includes the following “brag rights”, it has an inside laptop pocket, inside iPad pocket, cellphone pocket, small purse pocket, cable charger pocket, inside zip pocket, key holder, bottle holder, a strengthened structure to secure all your valuables, extra space for A4 files or books, space for a purse, adjustable straps, short handles to carry over your shoulder or arm - and lastly it closes with a zip. 



No more envy over who has a Jennifer Middleton bag and who doesn't! There’s a style and colour to fit your perfect self. Now, everyone who wants one can own one, and you can be super stylish wherever you go - and as women of the world, isn't that just what we want? To make a statement. Its like Carrie Bradshaw always said, “Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag”. Jennifer Middleton is that brand - and it is that handbag. 


The Nikiya Bag retails for R5 190.00

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