Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well if you feel a little worse for wares and could do with a double whiskey on the rocks, a Martini…shaken not stirred, as well as a mini facelift, then you won't want to hear the mirror’s dreaded answer. We are more than halfway into 2017, but thats the time when we find ourselves looking, and feeling a little, well, un-glam. Think about it - career;  if you have kids there is that incredible challenge of being a mom, while rediscovering your inner glam without completely losing yourself in the process. Me time, a way of life in Europe has finally caught on with South African women, it is not only celebrated, but encouraged. Remember that before you were a career girl, a  wife, a mother, or a partner; you were just you and sometimes you need a little reminder of who that person was - and still is. 


Rave Review first fell in love with Nomination Italy a few years back. They launched their gorgeous Composable bracelets which you could create yourself and there was and still is a charm for every milestone and occasion. They’ve grown in leaps and bounds ever since, adding a stunning array of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and even watches into their range.  All their jewellery is made with love, and as their founder, Paolo Gensini puts it, “I wanted to create a precious  bracelet for everyone”. And boy did he deliver on that promise. His source of inspiration and creativity has and always will be, Italy. From humble beginnings in Florence, Italy 1980, Paolo Gensini gained knowledge as a goldsmith, and this intuitive gift would soon change not only his life forever, but the jewelry industry worldwide. His vision? To create innovative pieces for both men and woman of all ages, and to suit all budgets.

Just like health insurance and a good education, every woman has the right to own a piece or two of beautiful and elegant - BLING. The options from Nomination Italy are endless. From elegant necklaces from the UNICA range to funky watches, dainty ring sets and sexy, sparkling drop earrings that will add confidence and pizzazz to any woman wearing it; the business of choosing the perfect piece of jewelry that suits your style and personality has never been easier, or this much fun.  


Nomination Italy has stuck to its roots, that’s what is so special abut this brand. You know that every piece has been made with an extra bit of love. Nomination Italy is all about choosing a style that suits your personality, and their range is so vast that it's now split into over 25 collections. You'll be spoilt for choice and can select to suit your own personal sense of style. There’s the UNICA, Cortina, Flair, My Bon Boss, and Bella collections, to name a few. Whether it’s an edgy event, a corporate function, a birthday party, a night out with the girls, or even a walk on the beach; Nomination Italy will ensure that you look fashion fabulous and photo ready. The pieces we chose as our must-haves from a few of the collections has something for every taste, and budget! From fabulous casual pieces that inspire chic, to statement pieces that evoke old Hollywood glamour - there's something for every woman! Let’s take a look at what we picked out….

Double Chain Unica Oval Necklace in Sterling Silver is such an elegant piece. It is fastened with Cubic Zirconia, features unique shapes and adds class to any day to night look. 


Unica Necklace with Hearts in Sterling Silver is pure romance at its best. This beautiful necklace also features Cubic Zirconia’s and will set any mans heart a flutter.


From the Bella Collection, these GORGEOUS drop earrings will leave you dazzled! The perfect touch of famine sparkle.


Sky Blue Watch with soft-touch finish. Another favourite - comes in three colours to choose from.

Nomination Italy celebrates excellence and not mediocrity. It gives a nod to the new luxury trend, where selection and choice is imperative – not for the purposes of showing off and having bragging rights, but rather to give women the power to be individual in a world where nobody is the same and where your uniqueness is celebrated. With Nomination Italy, you create your look, not just with the Composable collection, but mixing and matching other pieces as well. Whatever your taste and personality, Nomination Italy ensures that every piece you wear represents your truest and most authentic YOU. And in a world where we celebrate diverse and spectacular women, we can't think of a better embodiment than being YOU. 

Perhaps everyone’s favourite NYC gal Carrie Bradshaw said it best when she uttered the words, “sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really pretty things now and then to make the walk a little more fun.” Nomination Italy are all that and more.

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 Unica Collection - Double Chain Unica Rhombus Necklace - R1 899.00 (Available in Sterling Silver or 24K Gold)

Unica Collection - Unica Necklace with Hearts - R1 199.00 (Available in Sterling Silver or 22K rose plated finish)

Bella Collection -  Drop Earrings with Cubic Zirconia Oval R899.00 

Sky Blue Watch - R999.00