He's completely dreamy, has a personality that will captivate even the most hard to please people; and let's just say, we would not say no to having our blood pressure taken by this doctor.

Dr. Robert Rey, everybody's favourite plastic surgeon and star of one of the biggest reality TV shows on the planet, E! Entertainment's  Dr. 90210 is in South Africa for the second time, and well, we're just loving every second of it.

This Monday, Rave Review was one of only a handful of people selected to meet with Dr. Rey in a private and intimate setting hosted by the fabulous Palazzo Montecasino Hotel in Johannesburg for a night of insight, laughs and tons of bubbly.  Upon our arrival we were treated to the best 'champers' and tons of canape's to quell our nerves, because let's face it, the few of us were the lucky ones tonight. Who can say that they got to be so up close and personal with Dr. Rey, never mind being able to have a great conversation with him as well. We were tickled pink to find out that we were being filmed for the SA version of Dr 90210 - super fabulous, now we're TV stars too.

Dr. Rey lived up to expectations, and far exceeded them! He enthralled us with the do's and don't of plastic surgery, all the while making it as humorous as only he could. Another reason for the good doctor's visit to Mzanzi is to promote his new book 'Body by Rey' - a step by step exercise and nutritional guide enabling us to live the life we were meant to. He's honest and sincere in his writings, and let's say this, it makes sense - all of it.

Mandi Strimling and Edith Venter

Tracy Purto, Mandi Strimling, Jacquie Mansfield

Dr. Rey doing his thang!

Mandi Strimling and Tracy Purto

Getting some inspiration from Dr. Rey..look he's holding my hand...eeeeeeeek

and a hug for me.....

Rave Review Editor Mandi Strimling and Dr. Robert Rey

Dr. Rey and Edith Venter

Our little gang - F*R*I*E*N*D*S


My fabulous message from Dr. Rey

Stay tuned to Rave Review, we'll be bringing you an exclusive one on one interview with our new favourite doc. In the meantime, we're going to go find out about a house call...*serious swoon*

Body By Rey is available in bookstores nationwide




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