The cutie pie I've had my eye on for months finally asked me out. He's perfect in every way; gorgeous, ambitious, confident, and makes every other guy I've ever gone out with look completely socially inept. My brand new Lipsy London dress was just the right celebratory attire for  my special evening; a little bit of sexy and a lot of 'girl in the city' elegance! The evening went great, good conversation that just flowed on and on and on, and a definite spark that could have caused veld fires in all major cities. So what's the moral of this story? Don't let a little bit tipsy date pour you more wine. It's every girl's nightmare, the bain of our existence.  He spills that glass of red wine all over your new frock.  Right about now all the waiting and day dreaming of getting the handsome beau to ask you out seems the least of your worries, and the pretty dress you spent almost your whole monthly salary on just has to take precedence. What is a gal to do and where is that darn Fairy God Mother when you need her.

Good thing Rave Review has the answer so listen up damsels in distress. Corlett City is every sane girl's safe haven. Positioned near the M1 highway (off the Corlett Drive offramp), this little centre is our fabulous new find, a gem so to speak for many reasons.

This centre is home to our newest and bestest friend Betta Laundry Service, South Africa's very own red wine specialist. Our very own Boda Fide Fairy Godmother. That's right, wine spill's don't have to be traumatic anymore. This lady can get any stain out of any item of clothing. It's a tried and tested fact, and you will be amazed at the results she gets. Stains of all kinds don't have to be a crying matter anymore, and you most definitely won't want to throw yourself off the roof of any building believing that your new dress is now deceased. She also has a 24 hour turnaround, so you can drop off your clothes on your way to work or on your way home, and pick them up clean and ready to wear the very next day.  There are also self service options inside the Betta Laundry so if you feel the need to do it yourself, then go for it.

There's no need to blame the cutie pa-tooty guy for a now solvable problem. This lady works magic; and sometimes, a little bit of magic goes a long long way, in both your love life, and your wardrobe.

Corlett City is located at 600 Louis Botha Ave, Bramley, just up the road from Melrose Arch. Contact them on 011 786 5718