You know how in Summer we aim to find the perfect shoe or lipstick to compliment our sexy tans and well groomed feet? Well, when Winter rears its inevitable, and might I add freezing head, we aren’t as concerned with showing skin than we are keeping it warm. With that comes the electric blanket and hibernation, DVD nights in, and steaming mugs of hot chocolate. It just so happens that I have found the perfect nibble to compliment the chilly months ahead, a fluffy-hole-in-the-middle-donut - but lets get this straight, this is not just any donut, its Dope Donuts, and YESthere is a difference!




Every other donut I have ever tasted has been so greasy, to better describe it, I would have felt better scoffing a bottle of cooking oil down. Thats why I was so excited when I got to try a few from the Dope Donutsmenu. There was no comparison! From the presentation to the taste and texture - it reigned supreme. Dope Donutsare not only a game changer for foodies everywhere due to their flawless baking and making of the donut itself, but its really their different flavours that sets them apart. We couldn’t get enough. 




There are so many toppings to choose from. There’s the Plain Janedonut for all you don’t-like-change folks to theCurious Georgewhich is coated in Nutella, chocolate and banana chips! Feeling like finding your rebel side? Go with the Twice As Nice, a double chocolate donut, cream filling and a mini marshmallow topping. 

Dope Donutsdefinitely deliver! They are officiallyRave Review TRIED-TASTED-TESTED. Just as their name suggests, they are super dope, and delicious.

Dope Donuts /  R120 for a box of six. 

For more information on Dope Donuts or to order call 079-858-0415 or “like” them on Facebook here. You can also Tweet them here.