We have to admit, it takes something really special to get us raving, and if it happens to serve up scrumptious tappas yumminess while tickling our inner cocktail  goddess, well then we have a A+ winner. Now to truly appreciate the place we have found, we have to ask, are you ready to feel as if you've been swept back in time? A time where cigar bars, a dark and smokey ambiance all adorned with leather was the sign of the times? You probably think that we've been reading and watching WAY too much Harry Potter and perhaps you're right. But listen up. There is method to our madness.


Churchills, the most audacious, upmarket bar and lounge we have ever had the pleasure of visiting calls Melrose Arch its home. It's a grandiose slice of Britain right in the middle of Johannesburg. It's decor is one of a kind, and to be kind to all the non smokers, we were thrilled to see there was its own smoking section. 


We loved our Churchills experience. If you're a trendsetter and a go getter, then this is the place for you. Their menu is vast with gorgeous offerings and we loved their plate of tappas. Their aubergines kicked serious ass. When it came down to their cocktails, they truly stand out. I'm a whiskey girl and a hard one to please, but the whiskey cocktail I had at Churchills was sublime, and even came with a cherry on the top - literally! They even have whiskey Thursday every week after 7pm! Can anyone else say exciting?! 

The guys at Churchills coin the phrase 'a place for all people to feel welcome' and in all honestly this cannot be more true. Go give them a visit, it's our guarantee to you that after one sip, and one taste you will be left wanting more. 

Visit Churchills at shop 52HL, Melrose Arch Piazza, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg 


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