We all know, as most women do of course, that we cannot  and will not miss a bargain hunt. So when the Woolies sale of the century just happens to fall on a Saturday we know it's our time to shine. Even if that means we have to schlep the toddlers along because dear old dad is off playing that silly game with the round white ball. But this scenario of 50% off fantasies can quickly turn into every mommies nightmare - and what starts out as a leisurely outing to Woolies with the kids turns into an absolute disaster...

You've all been through it. You're wading through the racks of clothing, trying not to push people so violently, all the while keeping your eyes on your kids with the gentle tones of 'Dont touch that, Be quiet, and Do not get out of your pram'. But alas, those warnings fall on deaf ears and before you know it the glee of finding that silk cami you've wanted all season pales in comparison to kind of 'losing' your kid in the chaos of it all. You scream his name. Nothing. You beckon to passing strangers for help (while still clinging to the gorgeous cream cami), but they think you have completely lost the plot. Store Management is then helpful enough and shuts down the entire store and you go beserk shouting your childs name whilst running through the aisles. And still nothing. When you're just about ready to be admitted to the insane asylum you hear little giggles, you look over and its coming from the pile of winter pyjama's on sale. It's him! He's been playing hide and seek all this time without your knowledge and between wanting to throttle the daylights out of him and give him ten thousand hugs, you opt to have a very neat sip of Bells first.

Lucky for you we have found the most incredible gadget for just this scenario and you're going to want to kiss us for it!


The genius folks at our favourite online kids store 4 A Kid has brought in the Mommy I'm Here child locator. This gorgeous little device comes in different animal shapes and colours of Pink or Brown. We got to play with a Teddy Bear one. All you do is attach the Teddy Bear receiver to your toddlers wristband, shoe or belt. If for any second your child is out of your line of sight just press the keychain transmitter and the Teddy Bear will beep, loudly we might add. You'll know exactly where he or she is, and so will everyone else around them. We took this gadget far into our complex and we heard it from miles away. Pretty darn clever we say.

The Mommy I'm Here locator is locator comes with long life batteries already installed and is immediately ready for use. The teddy bear shaped receiver is both water resistant and super stylish. CE Safety certified and ICASA approved and has been features on SABC3's 3Talk with Noeleen as well as international smash hit show CSI Miami.

This is one gadget you want to have. It will keep your bundle of joy as safe as can be and will see to it that Mommy doesn't have to check into Tara as an out-patient just yet!

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The Mommy I'm Here child locators retail for R187 and can be bought from Check out their incredible site for more information on this and other fabulous products.