Here at RAVE we only have one envy; James Bond. You read that right. He always looks so put together, uses the coolest gadgets, kills the bad guys and saves the girl…all in one day nogal…(yeah only in the ‘fliks’). Guys sure do have all the luck don’t they? Stylish and Safe…wrong!

Raver’s listen carefully now. I have one heck of a find that will cause 007 to sprout some dodgy grey hairs and formidable female competition.

My new find you ask? The ZapStick – the very first stun gun for ladies. Yep, you heard me right, and the best part? It looks like your everyday favourite Lipstick. Too clever! How’s that for fashion friendly? Just pop it into your bag for a fun filled night on the town, or put it in your Lipstick holder for that dreaded trip to an ‘icky’, ill lit bathroom; we bet you’re going to feel a whole lot of confidence holding this little baby in your hands.




Not only can this 3 ½ inch device deliver a whopping 350 000 voltage, but its guaranteed to give any would be attacker, or annoying spouse one serious jolt. Our new ‘BFF’ comes in a rainbow of colours too, so there’s no excuse for not accessorizing here girls. In addition, it has a built in LED light and comes with a 1-year guarantee. Like we need another excuse to run out and buy it? A free can of Pepper Spray Is included to up the ante, just incase you still feel a little bothered.

Now who ever said that the trendsetters of the world could not stay ‘glammed’ up and stay safe at the same time? James Bond, eat your handsome heart out; we’re armed and still fashion fabulous!

The ZapStick is available from Burglar Bar Studio and retails for R399 including postage and packaging. Contact Annabel on 0722126058, and be sure to check it out on the net,