Remember that time old saying ‘Wow, this is better than sliced bread’? Rave Review has found it!  Let us tell all you techno-phobes all about it, and by the end of this feature we’d bet you’d be running to the store snap one up for yourself or a prezzie for the fabulous people who are near and dear to you this festive season.

Whether we’re taking down the minutes of an AGM, making notes of long and tedious meetings, writing the first chapter of your debut novel; or if you’re a student, copying out tons of notes for varsity exams… At the end of the day we’re all in the same boat. We make the ‘trek’ to our pc’s, plant our little tooshies in front of it and spend the entire night typing every single word into your word processing program (that’s Microsoft Word for all the phobes).  I’d simply lost count of how many times I’d craved for a quicker fix to this problem.

Well, I wished. And Mecer listened.

The Mecer DigiMemo is a revolutionary note-taking device that allows for later conversion via computer. It’s absolutely fabulous dollfaces. It resembles a jazzed up version of the trusted office clipboard.  But that’s as far as it goes, because there’s nothing textbook about this gadget.

Now listen carefully because here’s how it works; Place any ordinary paper or notepad on the digital pad…in normal speak, that’s the clipboard. You then write on the paper with the special Mecer Digital Inking Pen (another uber cool invent); best is its completely wireless.

The Digimemo digitally records anything you write in its built-in storage device or any operational SD Card in real time. Each page you write on is stored as its own digital page and once you’ve completed all your notes, just hook it up to your pc via your USB port and ‘badda boom’, your notes are scanned into the pc for instant use. With the DigiMemo Manager Software, you can also easily view,edit and organize your digital pages in Windows. Use the on-line writing function which instantly synchronises your writing on the paper with the digital pages in its software. Plus if all this wasn’t fabulous enough, share all your notes with others via the E-mail tool.


The DigiMemo experience continues with the ACECAD Digimemo Handwriting Recognition program. It’s the handy software that converts your handwritten notes from the DigiMemo into digital text for further use in applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook Express or Lotus Notes.

Now ladies please, isn’t time that we ‘get down and Digital’ too?

The Mecer DigiMemo is available in two sizes, A5 or A4. Both store 32MB onboard and come with a Digital Pen and SD Card Reader. You also get a 30 Day trial of the Handwriting Recognition Software with an option to purchase once the trial is over. The suggested retail price for these gadgets is R870 (subject to change). For more information on the DigiMemo and where to purchase one, check out or give Mecer a call on (011) 237 1000



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