With freezing Winter mornings and icy evenings in full drama mode, we definitely hear your moans and groans, and can promise you that we not only sympathise, but are sobbing along to the tune of I Will Survive. Let's remember though that Winter is a short season, and keeping your mind and body mentally and physically fit is sometimes the biggest difference between being man down all season with flu, or looking and feeling motivated, and ready to take on the cold. 



So now that we have that settled, we ask the question - where can we work out, meet new people and have fun at the same time? Yes, you read right. Exercising and staying active should be something you enjoy. It should, above all, be the greatest gift you give yourself. I am completely against these new age gyms and classes that advocate pain and suffering, and whose success is measured by how many people throw up after, or dare I say it, pass out. That to me doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, and I would never ever go back there. Aren’t we lucky then that MixFit is the answer to all our fitness prayers. 


MixFit is most definitely one of a kind in South Africa. If you have a willingness to get fit, and healthy, then all you have to do is show up and let MixFit do the rest.MixFit was created by two incredible guys - Anthony and Jannis. Their goal? Getting people excited about exercising in a positive and stimulating way!




In a MixFit class you will NEVER do the same things twice. So say goodbye to mundane workouts that demotivate you once they get too repetitive. MixFit is always mixing things up, ensuring that they combine various styles and techniques in every class. They will correct your form and motivate you all the way. 


A detail to personal attention is what sets MixFit apart from the rest. They do FULL Bio-Mechanical assessment and they recommend you do this at the start; you’ll learn what works for your body and what doesn’t. Just think how incredible it would feel to be able to track your progress from the very beginning and celebrate every milestone you reach. The MixFit trainers are dedicated to their craft. Not only do they love what they do, but they live it. Every day.  Every little move you make is supervised, so you won't hurt yourself by attempting to recreate those hectic Pilates moves you saw on the telly last week. There is always someone watching over and guiding you.



Guys and Girls, The MixFit team are even reaching into the corporate boardroom with their mission in getting people active and healthy. If you’re a corporate boss and want to motivate your team for an hour every day or twice a week, the MixFit team have the facilities to do so or can come in and do the job for you. Talk about generating a happy and healthy workplace! There’s another fabulous program that MixFit do, and thats the 8 Week Challenge. Combining various styles and techniques such as kettle skip, body bust, plus mash up classes into an 8 week challenge. You’ll get to experience tons of different exercises and have fun doing them. Your personal progress will be logged and on the eighth week, you’ll get to see just how far you’ve come.


The MixFit ladies classes are sensational. They don’t believe that mantra about super skinny girls. Happy Girls on the other hand, are the best and healthiest kinds. So MixFit’s goal in their ladies classes are all about achieving that classic hourglass figure. You’ll work with kettle bells and balance beams, strengthening your body and your core.


Mixfit has also just introduced Yoga Classes into their healthy mix and added a brand new trainer to their team. Romy Aspen will be doing the mid morning Yoga session from Monday to Friday 13:00 – 13:45. Best part is, she can also come instruct your corporate guys and girls.


Whether you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom, ex marathon runner or just worried about taking that first step? MixFit allows you to achieve incredible things no matter your level of fitness. To insure high quality training and personal attention, MixFit classes don’t go over 20 people at a time, thats 10 people per trainer, so booking your spot is essential. PLUS EVERYONE’S FIRST SESSION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!! So no excuses for not trying this out.


MixFit is a trailblazer in complete wellness. They are passionate and dedicated to the work they do, and are at hand to help you in your own journey to sublime fitness. Whether you want to tone or sculpt, or just feel good in your skin, MixFit will give you the time, the tools and most importantly, the space to do so in. We for one believe that the possibilities and opportunities at every MixFit class are endless. Looking and feeling our best should be at the top of everybody's lists. We were given one body to live in, so let's ensure that we rock it no matter what. Be a little daring, and mix it up. You’ll be so glad you did.


Ready to get healthy and fit Rave Reviewers? Join MixFit now!







12:00- 12:45 Mixfit Fitness camp 13:00 – 13:45 Mixfit yoga classes


















Cathy Van Gils

I lam loving my new fitness regime; it's perfect for working moms who can't find the time for themselves, so we train during our lunch hour. We have awesome trainers who push us to achieve our personal goals. MixFit is so much fun!


Rochelle De Vos

Since I joined Mixfit I am more energized, I feel more confident about my body again, I will not quit and I just love it, and the amazing guys that are helping me stay fit and in shape, thanks to Mixfit you Rock





Not only do people tell me I am glowing since I joined Mixfit but I am filled with so much energy.  Work is way more fun after lunch and I am loving my new body!! Wooo woo













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