There's a definite shift in the weather, and soon, skimpy summer dresses and strappy sandals will be replaced with thick wooly sweaters and leather boots. While the onset of cold weather makes us want to eat more, Rave Review's fitness guru Sean Pettit gives us the tools to be more proactive in the cold winter months ahead.

Anyone getting up before or with the sunrise will notice that there’s a definite chill in the air. Winter is on its way back, slowly but surely, and pretty soon we’ll all be getting our sweaters and jackets out of storage. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can put your gym gear back into storage once you've unpacked all the winter clothing. It’s as important, if not more so, to keep up your fitness routine during the colder months. WE generally eat more over winter, and we eat far stodgier food. The summer salads and lighter al fresco meals are replaced by casseroles, potatoes, rice and loads of delicious warm ingredients.  We tend to exercise less and eat more. It’s far more difficult to get up early for that 5am run when it’s not even 5 degrees outside.

But winter is actually an excellent time to kick your workout routine up a notch. Use the colder months to get the jump on everyone else who’s wrapping up warm in front of the fire. Working out makes you warmer, gets your blood flowing and releases endorphins, which, let’s face it, we all need a little more of over the season. It also makes you feel a little less guilty about eating the odd bowl of malva pudding.

In case you just can’t face working out outside, here’s some stuff to keep your waistline stable until summer:

While watching tv, you could alternate lunges and squats during your favorite program and use the ad breaks as a rest period. If you don't feel your buns burning after Grey's Anatomy, add a little extra weight to increase the intensity.

You'll be done by the time McDreamy forgives Meredith yet again!

Create a circuit in your study. Choose five exercises that you enjoy and put one cardio exercise, like jumping jacks or running on the spot, in between each and repeat your circuit 3 or 4 times.

Bodyweight is often best. You won't need any equipment to perform a push up on the kitchen counter. As you get stronger, find a surface that is a little lower and repeat until you're doing a full GI Jane pushup on the floor.

Always remember the only thing that should be getting thicker in winter is your clothing, not your waistline.

Until next month, yours in fitness,

Sean Pettit


Celebrity and Master Trainer, Sean Pettit, studied fitness and wellness originally in the UK. Upon moving back to South Africa, he joined Reebok Education as one of their Master Trainers, lecturing numerous discipline from personal training to all of the group disciplines. Based in Sandton, Sean’s client base consists of models, actors, ex-Miss South Africas and radio DJ’s. As every person is unique, so are the courses and programs that Sean designs to meet the specific demands. Through motivation and education Sean strives to be a part of creating fitness excellence.

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