The world is a mess right now. Full of things that we just want to escape from at the moment. So when I was invited to the VIP opening night of The Tenors Live In Concert, I didn’t just jump at it, I leapt with joy! Having seen the show back in 2003 and loved it, I was really excited to see their brand new show, and not only did it not disappoint, but it was just the kind of escape we are all looking for - and more. 

What do you get when you cross some stunning opera, pop and standard classics with a group of 12 gorgeous vocalists? You get perfection! The Tenors are sublime, are not to be missed, and are a breath of fresh air. These incredible guys are not just easy on the eyes, but their voices are pure magic.  Brought to South Africa by Icon Theatrical, it’s safe to say that The Tenors have done it again, by producing and bringing us a show that sets the standard to “out-of-this-world”, leaving lots of work for the rest of this genre to follow. 



Opera had always been an elusive form of music to me, yet I always knew the history of it, recognized it when I heard it playing, and admired the singers who performed it so gracefully, and with such poise. But after many years of stage reviews and having the opportunity to soak up the culture in different genres, I can honestly say that opera has become something that I truly love and adore. The special guys from The Tenors are not just impeccable opera singers, but their take on some pop classics and songs that we all know is sensational. 




Lets talk about their stage presence. The Tenors have an incredible band behind them, but quite frankly, their presence, energy and sincerity definitely take center stage at all times. Each member has a strong and powerful voice, but when they come together in harmony, its one word -  indelible. Their presence is infectious, their personalities so individual. It’s the perfect recipe for a perfect show.  The Tenors are pure joy on stage, their charisma when singing and their respect for their craft and each other is not only sublime, but also to be commended. 




All the favourites are there; from Nessum Dorma and Ave Maria, to pop medleys by ABBA and Billy Joel. Their version of Bridge Over Troubled Water, and Music Was My First Love were definite favorites, they even threw in a Barry Manilow Classic, and as an ultimate Fanilow, hearing them sing Could It Be Magic, was music to my ears. There are also fabulous songs from the musicals and movies.  

The Tenors will leave you speechless. They will leave you breathless. With tons of goosebumps. They’ll make you cry. Tears of joy. I cried THREE times. Now you might say, “she's a woman, she's just very in tune with her emotions”. But no, The Tenors will bring even the strongest iron man to his knees. They're that good. 

It will not disappoint, thats a Rave Review guarantee. Its the best kind of escapism you'll ever find and  If you’re a music fan you will adore it. If you’re not, you’ll become one fast. The Tenors will ensnare your audial senses, they'll tug at your heartstrings. But more importantly, you'll not only sit with a smile on your face and a tear in your eye the entire show, but it will be plastered there for the week to come. We cannot think of a better show to go and see at the moment. The Tenors are just divine! 





Rave Review are inviting 10 readers and their partners to come and join us at The Tenors this week Thursday, May 11th at 8PM. 

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Performance Days

Wednesday - Saturday


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R180 - R350



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