I was always good at History in school, it was the one subject I truly excelled in. Well, that and English of course. There is something about learning of times gone by, the lives people led 100 years ago, and the legacies left by them, that just ignites a spark in me. Whether it was sitting on my grandpa's knee and him telling me stories of the old days or my parents recollection of their youth, growing up in Johannesburg in the 60's and 70's, the stories always had the same players. 


The hotspots in town where they would all meet up and dare we say it, party. The suburb of Hillbrow was the place to be on a Saturday night, and big hair and heavy makeup was the order of the day. Don't even get me started on those bug eyed type sunglasses my mother used to sport and call it fashionable. In the good old days, as my parents like to call it, the Balfour, Bramley Gardens, and Savoy area's were buzzing with shops, restaurants and even an ice rink - and now in 2012 Corlett City is set to reclaim it's glory days with a snazzy new revamp.









Complete with bright colours, surrounds that are so spick and span you could eat off the floor, and a 24 hour secure access - this centre is destined to regain it's premise as one of Johannesburg's best. Park Village Property is already a big tenant of Corlett City, and  the brand names don't stop there. The centre is also home to Vodacom, Cell C and Voltex Lightening, Corlett City aims to bring the people back to what they knew before. With hairdressers, restaurants, doctors, attorneys and accountants filling the centre again, this is a professionals haven. 


The ultra fabulous Corlett City is also home to every girls best friend, Betta Laundry Service, South Africa's very own red wine specialist. This lady can get any stain out of any item of clothing. It's a tried and tested fact, and you will be amazed at the results she gets. She also has a 24 hour turnaround, so you can drop off your clothes on your way to work or on your way home, and pick them up clean and ready to wear the very next day.  There are also self service options inside the Betta Laundry so if you feel the need to do it yourself, then go for it.


Corlett City offers Joburger's much more. They supply the public with Storage Space as well as Office and Retail Space. Private store and lock self-storage space can be purchased which are situated in the basement and lower ground level.

Another of our favourite finds in this centre is Pawns Abandoned. This company lets you cash in your unwanted gold (any carat is welcome). So start digging through your jewellery box, it may be the ring your ex boyfriend gave you, or better yet, the necklace your ex mother in law you gave you. Cash it in. It's alot more fun than looking at it forever. Pawns Abandoned relies on the daily spot price for gold, and are a trusted and respected authority in the industry, having been in business since 2004.  

You see, the thing about history, and especially style is that something can always come back into fashion again, no matter how old or how dated. Except for my mother's bug eyed glasses. Those should stay at the back of the closet never to be seen again. But Corlett City, well, these guys are bringing 'old' back and making it current. They are dusting it off and making it shiny new again. And doesn't that kind of a feat create a new legacy all on it's own? Bravo Corlett City!



Corlett City is located at 600 Louis Botha Ave, Bramley, just up the road from Melrose Arch. 

Contact Person: Brian Lewis

Tel: (011) 786 5718

Fax: 086 628 0307

Cell: 082 310 9940