Our fabulous friends at Park Village Auctions officially launched their state of the art online bidding system in fabulous style to both the public and members of the media on the 9th of May, and an awesome time was had by all. There were even gorgeous blue and white cupcakes to seal the deal!


This incredible form of technology, which has set Park Village Auctions miles high above the rest of the pack, is being applied to their property and mining auctions, and will in due course be seen in other branches as well. The online vehicle bidding platform, which we told you about in our last coverage of this fantastic brand, raises the bar in electronic auctions, which, until now, have been restricted to ‘static’ bids without the benefit of taking part in the action while it’s happening. This new system is definitely cutting edge, for both the bidder and observer. Watching it online was unlike anything we have ever seen; it was even more captivating than an episode of Survivor!



Roy Lazarus, CEO of Park Village Auctions explained that bidders can view assets on viewing days and then bid online on the day of the auction via PC or other device, while using the live streaming webcast to view proceedings as they unfold. Bidders have to pay a deposit first which enables them to register and bid.

In terms of the actual user interface, bidders are able to view virtual catalogues on the screen accompanied by information about each lot.  The display changes in real time during the course of the auction showing the next lot to be sold and lots that have already been sold.


At the launch, bidders got the chance to do just that with an extensive selection to choose from, featuring top of the range auction cars including Jaguars, Maserati’s and BMW’s. While approximately 500 people viewed the proceedings off-site from their respective devices as they occurred online, around 53 bidders actually participated in the auctions. The online bidders bid against a large crowd which had gathered onsite on the day. For members of the media, this was just what the doctor ordered. It's the kind of thing that gets us all excited and eager to write. 


The new online bidding system is turning more heads than a Victoria's Secret Model. It's is the first of its kind and gives the public something unique -  convenience. Like Rave Review said before(here), no longer does being in bed with Pneumonia mean that you have to miss out on all the fun and games.

Another great feature is that you don't have to take hours out of your day to stand in lines to register for the auction anymore. All the necessary in's and out's are accommodated on the software platform, including confirmation of amounts payable and the necessary tax invoices.

Roy Lazarus makes a compelling point in that in America, auction houses are selling over 5000 cars a day online and there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the case in SA within the next few years. That's what we like to hear from our FAVOURITE SA auction house; they are most definitely a company that don't ever stick to the status quo; they are trailblazers, and by the looks of it, the competition can eat their dust!!




Park Village Auctions LIVE BIDDING tutorial


Park Village Auctions ONLINE BIDDING tutorial