I was always good at History in school, it was the one subject I truly excelled in. Well, that and English of course. There is something about learning of times gone by, the lives people led 100 years ago, and the legacies left by them, that just ignites a spark in me. Whether it was sitting on my grandpa's knee and him telling me stories of the old days or my parents recollection of their youth, growing up in Johannesburg in the 60's and 70's, the stories always had the same players. 


The hotspots in town where they would all meet up and dare we say it, party. The suburb of Hillbrow was the place to be on a Saturday night, and big hair and heavy makeup was the order of the day. Don't even get me started on those bug eyed type sunglasses my mother used to sport and call it fashionable. In the good old days, as my parents like to call it, the Balfour, Bramley Gardens, and Savoy area's were buzzing with shops, restaurants and even an ice rink - and since 2012, the newly revamped Corlett Cityhas reclaimed its spot as one of Joburg’s snazziest. 




It’s no secret that the Corlett City centre is home to Betta Laundry Service, one of Joburg’s most fabulous laundromats. The laundry is famous for its 24 hour turnaround, so you can drop off your clothes on your way to work or on your way home, and pick them up clean and ready to wear the very next day.  There are also self service options inside the Betta Laundry so if you feel the need to do it yourself, then go for it. Betta Laundry Service has got to be every working woman’s very own fairy godmother!


 Contact Betta Laundry on 011 786 5718



Looking to relocate your business to a more central position? Well, ta large office space has recently become available at the Corlett City Centre. It’s size is 376 SQM and can be used for a small factory, a lecture hall or even doctors premises This particular office space has male and female ablution facilities, and most importantly consists of 3 phases electricity. It’s spacious and features windows all around it making this an ideal location for anyone. 



A brand new restaurant has also made this centre its home! Exciting stuff, as we are always looking for new and eclectic places to grab some nosh. This sit-down restaurant is of a high standard, with its focus being ethnic foods and services breakfast and lunch. This groovy new place is also looking at getting DJ’s from Metro FM to come and entertain its patrons on Sundays, so be sure to contact them to be kept up to date on that.


Contact the restaurant on 0717421121


Corlett City is located at 600 Louis Botha Ave, Bramley, just up the road from Melrose Arch. Contact them for all other info on storage space and office space rentals on

Tel: (011) 786 5718

Fax: 086 628 0307