With so many shopping centres popping up in every corner of Joburg, office and storage space is definitely lacking. So where can you find it? 


Good thing Rave Review has the answer so listen up damsels in distress. Corlett City is every corporate girl's safe haven. Positioned near the M1 highway (off the Corlett Drive offramp), this little centre is our fabulous new find, a gem so to speak for many reasons. 

Not only is this centre is home to the renowned Betta Laundry Service, but Corlett City offers Joburger's much more. They supply the public with Storage Space as well as Office and Retail Space. Private 'store and lock' storage space can be purchased which is all situated in the basement and lower ground level. Perhaps you're looking for a place to operate your business out of? Corlett City has a range of sun filled and air conditioned stores to tickle your fancy, as well as executive offices, all with independent security and ample parking.

Another of our favourite finds in this centre is Pawns Abandoned. This company lets you cash in your unwanted gold (any carat is welcome). So start digging through your jewellery box, it may be the ring your ex boyfriend gave you, or better yet, the necklace your ex mother in law gave you. Cash it in. It's alot more fun than looking at it forever. Pawns Abandoned relies on the daily spot price for gold, and are a trusted and respected authority in the industry, having been in business since 2004.  They don't only deal in buying gold, but a whole range of products including electronics, furniture and accessories. 

Don't let clutter and a loss of space cause an Aneurism. There is hope for you. Corlett City is the answer, its a treasure trove of fabulous little discoveries, and we're going to bet that it will soon be the corporate world's newest playground.

Corlett City is located at 600 Louis Botha Ave, Bramley, just up the road from Melrose Arch. Contact them on 011 786 5718

For more information find Corlett City and Pawns Abandoned on the web.