I think it’s safe to say that winter has most definitely arrived - albeit a bit premature in its appearance, but definitely not holding back. If these temperatures are anything to go by, we’re in for a really cold season; meaning it’s time to pack away the cute shorts and crop tops, and trade them in for stylish puffer jackets and fluffy onesies. And yes ladies, those gorgeous peep-toe Manolo’s that you have been rocking all summer long, need to be swapped out with boots of any kind, because, yes, frostbite is a genuine concern. While I really do love winter for the pros it presents, like hot chocolate, blankets and Netflix binges, I find the colder it gets, the more I struggle to stay warm. Cue the 50 blankets on my bed in caseof emergency.

Women in general find that more than ever, when it’s colder, our bodies need a little bit more TLC; whether it’s keeping your feet super warm, to making sure your muscles aren’t taking a hit too. I am sure many of you gals, and maybe even some guys can relate. Sometimes no matter how many pairs of socks you put on during winter or how much moisturiser you slather on, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. Your skin feels dry, and un-boastworthy. Not to mention the fact that you're spending a fortune on bottles of expensive foot creams and masks to keep them summer ready; so much so that if you emptied the contents of it all onto your lawn, it would make for a great 'slippy slide' for the kiddies.

So what do we do? Cold feet, sore necks, aching bones; Winter is definitely the time to pamper yourself, your skin, your body and to set aside some special “me” time every week. I have the perfect way for you to start, and it’s a “local-is-lekker” brand called Snuggz. And trust me, Snuggz™ is your new best friend!



What is SNUGGZ™?

Snuggz was created by Gareth Berman and the idea came to him from absolutely nothing but a complaint. His girlfriend always complained about how freezing she was in winter (so relatable), so off he went to try to find microwave slippers. Now this guy already has “Boyfriend of The Year” status for even going on the hunt, but Gareth took it to a whole new level when he saw that the quality and cost of what was available on the market just wasn’t up to par. Instead of arriving home with a bunch of roses, he decided to make his girlfriend a pair of these magical slippers, designed especially for her, by him! *swoon* With the great search for the perfect foot warmer over, he got to thinking that surely his girlfriend wasn’t the only one who would benefit from a product like this, and just like that, Snuggz was born. Designing the core range of 8 products came next, followed by a fully functional factory, an instant client base that keep coming back for more, and many high hopes and dreams.

What is the Snuggz™ product range?

Snuggz is spa quality luxury that people can afford. Keeping their products priced as low as possible is so important to the Snuggz team, because they want everyone to be able to enjoy a Snuggz product.

Currently Snuggz make products for not just women but for men and kids too. Their microwave Slipperz are a hit, they also do gorgeous eye masks, Bootz, neck pillows, Gownz, Robez and Towelz. Every Snuggz product can also be personalised to whatever your needs are. Clients definitely have their faves because their three best sellers are the Neckz, winter Robez and Bootz.





These make the best gifts for family and friends, and awesome bridesmaid gifts. Even in the corporate sector, employees would love to get spoilt by their bosses with a Snuggz product, and end of year corporate gifting is another huge selling point. Snuggz go the extra mile with their packaging and free essential oils that go with the Originalz range. We adore the snazzy carry bags that each product comes in, and the colour of the ribbon which closes it up, signals the essential oil inside. So if you were to choose a pair of Slipperz with lavender oil, your pair of Snuggz comes in a gorgeous carry bag with a purple ribbon tie.








Indulge yourself for 20 minutes on a cold winter day or night. It’s so easy to use - take the inserts out of the Slipperz, eye mask or neck pillow; add a few drops of your chosen essential oil, pop it into the microwave, reinsert them, and let your stress just fade away. Snuggz products are all about relaxation and self-care, making you forget your troubles for a bit.

Snuggz™ is PROUDLY SA

All of Snuggz products are made locally in South Africa and not imported. Their attention to detail and finding a niche in this market is something they can truly be proud of.

We are in love with the Snuggz™ hippo mascot, but where did he come from?

The Snuggz team wanted a logo and brand that people could not just relate to but that would also be understood by their customers. And if you ask us, this little guy stole our hearts the second we saw him! He makes this brand even more endearing.

Where does Gareth see Snuggz™ in 5 years?

 Snuggz will be a known name. Even a verb; imagine “I'm going to Snuggz my neck” or ‘Honey, I’ve had a long day, I’m going to Snuggz my feet quickly”. Team Snuggz are thinking big. In addition to the existing range, there will be numerous never-seen-before innovations added to the brand which will be supplied to at least 3 continents. Remember, this is a big world we live in, and it’s always winter somewhere.

So, when the weather feels dreary and you’re feeling cold and a little worse for ware - pour yourself a glass of wine, and delight in the simple pleasure that is Snuggz. And If you feel as if the year has already taken some of your glamour, and a spring in your step, get it back. Snuggz has made that possible...after all... we all deserve to look and feel like the very best 'us' we can be!



SNUGGZ BOOTZ - R360 (Complimentary essential oil of choice included)

SNUGGZ EYEZ - R200 (Complimentary essential oil of choice included)

SNUGGZ NECKZ - R290 (Complimentary essential oil of choice included)

SNUGGZ SLIPPERZ - R320 (Complimentary essential oil of choice included)