A Naked Chef & Marketing Guru’s Compete This Week On Family Feud

Family Feud is proving why it’s such a global phenomenon and has such a cult following, because South Africans are hooked. Hosted by entertainer, businessman and philanthropist Steve Harvey, the game show calls on two families in each episode to compete in naming the most popular responses to gathered survey questions in order to win cash and prizes. The game consists of five rounds and each correctly guessed answer is worth a number of points. When a team fails to answer a question, they receive a strike and after three strikes the opposing family has the chance to ‘steal’ the points on the board. At the end of Round 5, the losing family takes their haul home and the other family goes on to play Fast Money in a bid to win the jackpot. 

An attractive jackpot awaits the winning team this weekend as the Smit family from Boksburg take on Pretoria’s Mathole family. So lets meet the teams!

From Boksburg, Ekurhuleni: The Smit family 

The Smit Family
  • Team captain Chanré owns a marketing business. She collects snow globes from all the cities she has visited.
  • Charlton is an engineer. He loves sushi and admitted that he enjoys cooking naked, much to Steve’s delight!
  • Monique is an optometrist who loves dancing and is a die-hard Marvel fan. She wishes she could fly…
  • Customer services manager Desroy is a Doctor Who fan who collects the figurines.
  • Sharelle is a housewife and stay-at-home mom. She calls herself a “raiser of legacies”. She loves exercising and chocolate.

From Mooikloof, Pretoria: The Mathole family 

The Mathole Family
  • Team captain Nomaswazi is part of an organisation that motivates township kids to be successful, and enjoys tennis.
  • Matome, a configuration manager who enjoys art and cooking, told Mr. Harvey that he can manage the whole Family Feud studio.
  • Sales manager Andrew (Tokologo), a marketing enthusiast, joked with Mr. Harvey about being able to manage his businesses for him.
  • Mmakgotso is in safety and logistics management and likes writing and poetry.
  • Vusi enjoys music, movies and jogging.

Here is a taste of what you can expect from this weeks hilarious episode with a fabulous promo video…

The 6th episode of the popular TV game show Family Feud airs on e.tv this Sunday 10th May.

Family Feud made its South African debut on Sunday 5th April at 6pm on e.tv. The show is sponsored by KFC and produced locally by Rapid Blue TV. The 26-episode South African season will air every Sunday at 6pm on e.tv from 5th April until 27th September, with a repeat on eExtra on Friday nights. 

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