Fragolino Sparkling Wine

FRAGOLINO, lets just say it again…FRAGOLINO..come on people, all together now..FRAGOLINO!

Good job everyone! The great thing about getting you all to say it with us was that now you will never forget Editor of Rave Review, Mandi Strimling’s new favourite sweet glass of indulgence and trust us, we have got the empty bottle, okay okay, bottles.. to prove it!

Another Valentines Day bites the dust for yet another year, but that does not mean ‘death to all things sweet and romantic’. There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to wining and dining those we love; and Connoisseurs all over town are sitting up and taking notice and rightly so in our opinion. So don’t pack away the frosted glasses and fine china just yet, turn the mood music back on, dim the lights and most importantly, get the bottle openers out of the drawer. Let Fragolino keep you company, after all, its Italy in a glass…

The Fragolino story begins in Italy, in a small town called Treviso just north of Vinenza…or as we know it, Venice..although it does sound alot more classy European referring to it in the real Italian way? The sparkling wine is produced on a large farm in Northern Italy called Bottega. There’s a choice of both red or white, we’ve tried both and loved both, but hey its totally up to you.  Each one comes with its own set of do’s and don’ts.

Fragolino Bianco (the white one), is very similair to a Dolce Bianco Frizzante…a jazzed up Italian word for Sparkling Wine and it really does give new meaning to the term ‘smelling the roses’ with its yummy rose petal scent and just a hint of tinned peaches we think? This gorgeous Perle wine is perfect to accompany your evening meal or even for a pre-meal toast.

Onto the Red. Fragolino Rosso, the pretty pink version, has a wild strawberry scent, nothing surprising here as Fragolino means Strawberry in Italian (Us RAVERS, we do our homework). Couple that with a fruits of the forest taste plus its sweet and intriguing flavour and you got yourself a pretty yummy dessert wine. A Rave Review Tip over here, make sure you drink this stuff chilled, not too warm and not too cold either! Served just chilled and it will taste like nothing you have ever tasted before!

Come to think of it, the big Chocolates and Roses day is on it’s way, and we can’t think of a more perfect way to ‘ching ching’ with our loved one. This stuff is perfect for days like…”It’s Monday and I survived work,” or  “Hey I just spring cleaned every single closet in my house today,” “I’m a size 10..finally! ” or any other day in which you accomplished a task and deserve a reward…which for most people, is just about every day of the week.

Remember, as the people from Fragolino like to say, this drinky is a Reflection of Italy, so until Thursdays newsie, Ciao Bella’s!

Our new fave find is suppled by Nixan Wines adnd is available from Makro, Liquor City, Bootleggers and Trade Centres nationwide and won’t break your bank!! Check out Nixan’s Facebook group as well by clicking here