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Right guys – this feature is definitely one for the ladies. But, if you feel the need to creep inside the female mind, then read on.


Ladies, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she should pass up the Winter shoe sale and get properly fitted for and indulge herself in a really beautiful and perfect bra. I’m not talking about  just any bra, I mean a piece that is so sculpted and formed to your body that it moulds self esteem and cultivates allure. A well fitted, fabulous bra does not just change your posture and attitude but it can elevate your self confidence to the moon and back. made of luxury, made of class. Think about it ladies – if you’ll spend your bonus on a pair of Louboutins, then why wouldn’t you invest in the perfect bra?

We all remember getting fitted for our very first bra’s don’t we? We usually had nothing to fill the bra out with, but we still had our moms take us bra shopping so that we could all look like the cool girls at school, just to say we had one too. Now, the older we got, the more we actually did have to fill those bra’s out with, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we got the right advice at 14, and ladies let’s be honest, our bodies change quite a bit since primary school. Enter a lady that’s so schooled in everything bra related that she might just be your Fairy-Bra-Mother. Her name? The Bra Guru.

The Bra Guru is a personal bra fitting specialist run by the gorgeous Taryn. You’ll get a personal and professional service that will guide you in choosing the perfect bra for you. 

Defining the woman in you has never been this easy, and we guarantee that once you’ve done it you’ll walk the world with a new sense of confidence and definite perkiness. The Bra Guru works off a free appointment. You don’t pay to visit with them and be measured. You’ll pay for the bra or bra’s you choose. The appointment gives you the perfect time frame to sit with the expert, picking and choosing to see what works best for your body shape.  The results of an expertly fitted bra is undeniable. You’ll feel uplifted, your clothes will look better, your shape will improve and in most cases your posture will get better too. Being fitted for a choosing a bra in this unique, calming space feels more like a day at the spa. It’s tranquil and relaxing, and you’ll fall in love with it. 


The Bra Guru carries 5 luxurious ranges.  It includes, everyday, sports, fashion, comfort, slips and shapewear. They stock tried and trusted brands that have been pioneers in their field and have engineered their products to suit today’s modern woman. It is very important to consider that the item you wear almost all day should be the most comfortable. I have personally been wearing a bra from one of the Bra Guru ranges for about 3 weeks now, after my fitting, and I adore it. 

Another thing we love about what The Bra Guru offers is that it can save you time. Think of them as your personal bra shoppers. Once they have your measurements and they have a feel for the kinds and styles of bra’s you like, then when you need another one, just call them up and tell them to work their magic.

Now I hear you asking again, why pay an extra bit of money for a really great bra? The Bra Guru imports their range of the finest quality bras because of the great quality. At the end of the day it will wear better, last longer, and you’ll feel incredibly beautiful. allows you to have a beautiful bra that wears better and lasts you longer. The Bra Guru can cater to your specific needs from style, to fit and to fabric and they also cater for up to an H cup.

Pure Magic Range


Freedom Range


Firm and Fit Range


Harmony Range


Beautiful Range


Made of luxury, worn with class. The Bra Guru is making woman raise their standards of everyday glamour. A great fitted bra is not just money well spent, it’s a revolution, A revolution where the true definition of a woman’s allure and confidence reaches out and challenges you to define your own natural elegance.


TEL: +27 11 268 0358


UNIT 3B No.5 Second Rd, Hyde Park, Sandton, 2196




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