Bags Of Bites

One of my favourite things about coffee time here at Rave Review is not the blend we’re pouring, the strength of the coffee we’re drinking, or even how many sweetener’s we seem to have thrown in without thinking. No, what really tickles us pink (especially on cold Winter days like today) is what we have to dunk into it – specifically thing’s of the sugary, sweet variety heading straight to our waistlines without even a worry. Tea and Coffee break time without a delish rusk, a choc chip cookie, or if we’re feeling more daring, a slice of classic Fruitcake is like Peanut butter without Jam…just plain hopeless!

Bags of Bites have ensured that come relaxation time, we can all dig into the yummiest of delights with half the guilt. This delightful ‘cookie’ company hails from the fair Cape, where mother and son team, Ryan and Karen Jossel have ensured that all their precious family recipe’s have a chance to come straight into your home, baked and packaged with love.

Bags Of Bites Assorted Biscuits
Bags Of Bites Wheat Free, Dairy Free Goji Berry Muesli

Ranging from Biscotti’s to Rusks, Biscuits, and a fabulous selection of Muesli’s, these guys are most definitely our new best friends. Even more exciting news is that not only do they bake up a massive selection of amazing treats but a huge part of their range is SUGAR and WHEAT FREE. A round of applause please. Now we can hear you thinking it, because us gals have all said it. Nothing baked without the good stuff ever tastes edible. Not until now that is. Bags of Bites have made sure that those suffering from nasty food intolerances don’t have to go hungry. They taste simply delicious. We go through bags of their rusks and biscotti’s, and are in love with their new Sugar-Free Choc, Orange & Coconut Chews which are new to their range.  All products are also made from natural ingredients and contain no MSG, colourants or flavourants, making these A-OK to guzzle down the night before a red carpet event.

So if you want to liven up your tea and coffee with a taste sensation so fabulous these gems are for you.  Just make sure you have plenty Bags of Bites around, because in all honesty, one bite just does not cut it.

Bags of Bites products are available nationwide. Visit their website for more info on where to find them in your area and order online. You can also email them at or call Ryan Jossel on +27 (0) 21 447 2538