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As women, we are born with inherent intuition for certain life situations. We are naturally wired to know when our hair needs a touch-up, our brows a tint, and when our eye and lip fillers need a well-deserved top-up. We know the exact date and time that our favourite Netflix series starts a new season, and we even know when our iPhone’s can be upgraded to a newer model without even calling Vodacom to find out. But what most of us weren’t born with is meaningful mindfulness. The only way we learn this skill is the hard way. Come on gals, it’s happened to all of us – locking your keys in your car, or the house alarm going off with you completely blanking on the reset code.  Most recently, my mom locked herself out of her Facebook account and Apple ID on the SAME day – her reaction – asking me what her passwords were because of course, I had to have written them down in case of emergency. Problem was, at first we weren’t quite sure that either of us had. Fortunately, after a few hours of searching, both of us completely frazzled, I found them on one of my hard drives. But the entire debacle got me thinking – are we really as on top of things as we think? If it’s happened to me, then it’s happened to everyone, and surely there’s a system out there that can help us consolidate this important information so that when these things happen, it doesn’t end up being traumatic, leading to mother and daughter polishing off a bottle wine – in one night. 

Luckily for my mother and I, not to mention our local bottle store, I have found the most perfect handbook for everyone, and it’s called, Your Life In A Nutshell. Self-Published Author, Nicky Stein-Aginsky is the beautiful and brilliant brains behind this fabulous concept. Nicky has created a tangible space for you to document all of the details of your life that are considered essential to you, and can also help the ones you love in case something happens to you and they need certain information to help you. Nicky sadly realised the need for having all this information in one place after her parents passed away. She was suddenly aware of how little she knew about their everyday concerns, financial affairs, and, importantly, where their documents were stored. 

Your Life In A Nutshell’s introduction sums it up perfectly…

“This booklet is intended for those of us who are not mindful of the many day-to-day mundane events that surround us and we take for granted”

This book definitely makes you think of the little things that can become really massive problems if we forget about them.

Your Life In A Nutshell is filled with pages of lists that you fill out. Some pages are perforated and can be taken out. From pages consisting mainly of contact numbers of friends and family to those you or those you love should call in case of emergency, this book doesn’t miss a beat. 

There are lists to keep track of your vehicle details, your car registration and service history,  household issues from geysers to gardens and home alarm systems, plus added pages dedicated to finances, like account numbers, recurring payments, details of your kid’s extra murals activities, family allergies,  important medical history, doctors, medical aid information and more. 

I also love the parts of this book that take you through step-by-step challenges. For example, what to do if the power goes out? How often to deal with the swimming pool or what to do if the alarm trips?

There are also some really nifty “in case of accident forms” – three copies, two with perforated pages that are meant to be torn out and kept in your vehicle. Filling this in will ensure that you have all the details you would need for a case number and insurance.  When it comes to passwords and pins, write those down and put that away in a safe place, and make sure that you are telling someone very close to you where they are, like your husband or kids. 

Your Life In A Nutshell is an essential item for every family. It will give you peace of mind. Adult children of elderly parents will find this book especially helpful, for that very tragic but inevitable time they pass on and those left behind need to wrap up the estate. This book is also essential for very forgetful people, as well as for those who are suffering from Dementia.  We can’t forget about Moms – who know everything about their kids but no-one else does, this is the perfect place to store it all. This book is so versatile and if used to its fullest extent, works for everyone in times of calm as well as panic. Be it a simple contact number, medical issue, or a burst geyser in your home – this book will ensure that all your bases are covered. 

We absolutely love seeing a woman on a mission succeed. And on this, Nicky Stein-Aginsky has exceeded. Once the book was conceptualized, Nicky knew she had to work hard every day to complete the book, and we have to say, we love a female entrepreneur who took up the challenge and accomplished it. This is one inspiring lady and savvy too, with a ton of gumption. She wants others to take this away from her story, “Believe in yourself. Talk to lots of people, but surround yourself with the right people at the right time. Be prepared to work hard and don’t be afraid of the really big learning curves – it’s part of the journey”.

It’s like our heroine, Carrie Bradshaw, always says “It’s tempting to wish for the perfect boss, to be the perfect parent, or to wear the perfect outfit. But maybe the best any of us can do is not to quit, play the hand we’ve been dealt, and organise with exception what we’ve already got”. Your Life In A  Nutshell is the answer. You deserve it. 

Order your very own copy of Your Life In A Nutshell now and get organised. 

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