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Icon, Steve Jobs once said that “Computers themselves and software yet to be developed will revolutionize the way we learn”.  This is most definitely true. Living in an age of such innovative technology is incredible – there’s something new every day, and 2020 especially has made us profoundly aware of just how reliant we are on our laptops, desktops, and the technology that comes along with it. Without the ability to use ZOOM, working remotely this year would have been extra hard, and the use of tablets and computers for at-home learning meant that students all over South Africa were still able to complete their school year. So now that we know how fabulous computers and technology is – when it works – what happens when it doesn’t? Meet Anthony Katz, the owner of Anthony Katz Computers. He is your go-to guy for all things PC related. 

Anthony Katz Computers

Anthony is a gem. Based in Glenhazel, Johannesburg, he has built up an incredible name for himself when it comes to solving all problems to do with PC, Printer, and Scanner Software. Add to that he’s a specialist techie at setting up WIFI and LTE configurations. Not only are his rates extremely affordable, but his quick turnaround will ensure you are back up and running in no time – leading to less stress and headaches for you. 

Services offered by Anthony encompass a wide range of areas including:

Installation Of Software For New Windows Computers

Setup And Configuration Of Software

Making Your Computer Into A Lean, Mean Machine

Uploading Photos From Smartphones Or Tablets To Computers

Checking For, And Removing Viruses 

Computer Purchasing Advice

Anthony also provides Troubleshooting assistance for: 

Internet Connectivity 


Printer Software

Hanging Or Freezing

Audio And Video


Another thing we love about Anthony is his dedication to sprucing up and refurbishing laptops at affordable prices for every student to be able to benefit from. He has some fabulous laptop specials for 2021, and will definitely make every parent’s job a little easier knowing that their child has the best technology at their fingertips to make 2021 a great academic year. 

Anthony Katz

So, when next your PC decides to throw a major temper tantrum, don’t run for the wine or valium. First contact Anthony, let him work his magic. While he’s making that magic, feel free to indulge in the wine and the valium. 

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Anthony Katz Computers 



Contact Number: +27 71 448 0825