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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well if you feel a little worse for wares and could do with a double whiskey on the rocks, a martini – shaken, not stirred, as well as a mini facelift, then you won’t want to hear the mirrors answer.. We are almost into 2020, Christmas is literally knocking on the door, work for the year is coming to a close and school is officially out. It should be a time for good times, festive gatherings, days at the pool, and even romantic date nights with your significant other. But the truth is that year end always hits a lot of people the hardest.  Think about it – a whole year of work feels mundane, and reality hits; for some we find ourselves looking, and feeling tired and worn out; and if you have kids, that incredible challenge of finding some me time without completely losing yourself in the process is exhausting.  With that in mind, time’s have been tough the last year or two – the economy has made sure that we all put a lock and chain on our credit cards, the bare necessities have become the new form of luxury, and taking that whirlwind trip to New York for some retail therapy is happening every 10 years now instead of every year. All of this takes its toll on the mind, the body, and more importantly your soul. But darling hearts, times, well they are changing and if you don’t want to get left in the proverbial rut, it’s time to shake things up and feel adventurous in your own skins once more with a little help from a fabulous new company who has brought the revolutionary “ME TIME” trend to South Africa; because we all deserve to look and feel our best selves, especially going into the summer months and a brand new year. Meet KOKO Cosmetics. She is just fabulous and you are going to love her! KOKO Cosmetics is every South African woman’s new bestie.

Me time has finally caught on with South African women, it is not only celebrated , but encouraged. Remember that before you were a career girl, a wife, a mother, a partner; you were just you and sometimes you need a little reminder of who that person was – and still is deep down.  If there’s one thing we just adore at Rave Review, its finding something uniquely beautiful, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.; and if the brains behind this fabulous find just happen to be a strong, gorgeous woman, well that just makes our day.  So listen closely ladies, we’re about to introduce you to not just a brand that houses a treasure trove of ‘beauty bits and pieces’ to compliment every month, season and budget, but the inspiring woman behind it all – her name? Emily Kinnear.

Having trained as a Somatolgist, yet never ending up going into the beauty industry, fate met destiny when years after studying, Emily accidentally discovered the most amazing lip plumping brand called Lip Voltage. Armed with knowledge, passion and a whole lot of ambition, Emily saw a gap in the market where nobody else thought to look. She tracked down the manufacturers and the rest as they is history. Talk about a woman on a mission!

While Emily was busy making wishes come true by having the plumpest pout in the world, her beloved gran was given a diagnosis nobody ever wants to hear – Cancer. With this in the forefront of her mind, she started researching the causes of the disease and was horrified at what she discovered. Most of the products we use on a daily basis are carcinogenic, meaning they have the potential to cause Cancer. This only empowered Emily more to making sure that any and every product she stocked was clean and healthy. For Emily, her greatest tool is educating consumers on this, as the skin is the largest organ of the body. Knowledge is of course our greatest power. 

KOKO Cosmetics is a powerhouse company that brings you world renowned quality brands and products. Under the KOKO Cosmetics brand you will fall in love with VANI-T – a high performance cosmeceuticals brand, promoting youthful, glowing skin for all skin types. Not only is it Australian made and owned but its also 100% vegan and cruelty free. Their skincare range is beautiful with offerings including indulgent face oils, exfoliants and primers, while their self tanning range featuring products like Bronzing Custard and Self Tan Mousse will have you summer ready with no streaks, overnight. You’ll be ready for any beach or pool this holiday season. Their makeup range will leave you speechless – stunning eyeshadow palettes, brushes, eyebrow cushion compacts and bronzers are just some of their must haves.  Another brand within KOKO. Cosmetics is Dr Grandel. Created for beauty with active ingredients, Dr Grandel has been producing effective ampoules for over 65 years using only the best “food” for your skin like collagen and hyaluronic acid. The final brand within KOKO Cosmetics is of course, Lip Voltage. These lip plumper use the most advanced peptide and collagen formulation concept in lip plumping technology. We will be going into more detail with you guys on each product from each brand in future articles, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

What we love about KOKO Cosmetics and Emily is that she is a firm believer in representing products that ACTUALLY work! With the brands and products mentioned above, what you see is what you get. I have always said that I will never rave about something I don’t like and wouldn’t spend my own money on, and on this topic, Emily and I are completely in sync. She has built up a credible and reputable reputation within the beauty industry and is loved by all. Her passion for her staying true to herself and the products she backs says everything about the woman she is. You just have to take a look at how she runs her business to see this in action. Her products are 100% cruelty free, organic and Natural, as well as vegan. The VANI-T tanning products are actually the first of it’s kind in organic tanning

We asked Emily what her absolute must haves from KOKO Cosmetics are, and naturally, she had a hard time picking and choosing – she loves them all to bits. But when it comes to Lip Voltage, she’s in love as the first signs of ageing for her were fine lines in her lip line. After using Lip Voltage for 3 years, she now has none. She is addicted to the tingle and applies her Lip Voltage all day – even going so far as to doing away with any other lippie completely.  The Magnegenics Mascara is another fave of hers; its an amazing lengthening mascara which also adds volume. She  can swim without it running even though it’s not water proof.  She is a huge fan of the
VANI-T Setting Spray, Eye Shadow Palette, Velocity self tan mousse & spray taN, Peptide anti-aging crystals, and Magnetic eyelashes to name a few.

In a world thats become so divisive, its so refreshing to see women lift other women up. To stand together, to empower each other, and thats what Emily hopes to achieve with KOKO Cosmetics.  So if you’re on the prowl for a fabulous new brand with extraordinary products – one thats bound to attract as many compliments as the latest pair of Jimmy Choo’s, KOKO Cosmetics is your answer. She’s fun, flirty, reliable and functional, she inspires confidence in every girl who gets to purchase her, and you can even gift her to a friend, making this the perfect NBF (new best friend) to make tons of memories with. We’ve definitely been bitten by the KOKO Cosmetics love bug, and we know you will be too. We can’t wait to share more details of all the products with you! KOKO Cosmetics is similar to a high end label Little Black Dress; it evokes the same feeling and emotions like confidence and beauty, and it’s like Carrie Bradshaw says on Sex & The City “we were all dressed up in LOVE, and thats the one label that never goes out of style”. KOKO Cosmetics is that new label, and Emily Kinnear, she’s here to stay!

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