CHANEL’s Chance Eau Vive

Chance doesn’t just happen. You make it happen. 

My grandpa was a very wise man. Albeit it he was incredibly stubborn, but with an audacious 94 years under his belt. I figured he had every right to be a bit fussy. One of the greatest lessons he ever taught me was the one about fate. It’s one thing to know the difference between what you deserve and what you should never settle for, but it’s quite another story to be brave in ones life and ones self and actually seize the chances that come your way.

CHANEL put it perfectly when they say that chance is a whirlwind. A moment to be seized. Coco Chanel often said that “chance only comes to those who know how to recognise it, carried by a gust of optimism” and on this, her and my grandpa were spot on.

Celebrating 12 years of the CHANCE fragrance – Chanel’s Fragrance Laboratory has unveiled a new version of its lucky fragrance, an energising scent that brings a measurable boost, Chance Eau Vive.

Chance Eau Vive is created by perfumer Olivier Polge. Its inspiration is drawn from momentum, similar to energy from being born under a lucky star. Feeling like you can take on the whole world – and win.  Notes of Grapefruit brings a hint of bitterness, citrus fruits set the fresh and energetic tone, and the jasmine and white musk notes play a key role in dazzling your senses.

Chance Eau Vive will capture your senses. It will revitalise and energise you, it will motivate you to go out there into the big world to walk your own path, find your own chance and live your destiny – just like my grandpa said! Chance is in everyone’s reach, so go out there and take it!

R1095 FOR 50ML EDT & R1565 FOR 100ML EDT