204: Getting Away With Murder

When Brett Kebble was “murdered” so callously a few years ago, there were immediate questions. No intelligent South African thought for a second that this was just some crime statistic or him being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How could this charming businessman with ties to very powerful people have met his grisly end in the way that he did?

Conspiracy theories flew all over the place, and questions were asked, but never answered. But there was one man who HAS asked the hard questions, he’s gotten us answers, and has let us form our own conclusions upon watching this story unfold on screen. Warren Batchelor is an incredible filmmaker and producer and his new documentary sheds light on the shocking story behind the murder of Brett Kebble.  The title ”204″ stems from the definition of a full and permanent indemnity from prosecution in exchange for truthful testimony, and thats exactly who he speaks to – the three self confessed killers who who were all indemnified. 

There are also interviews with other players in the story including Jackie Selebi, Glen Agliotti, Piet Byleveld, and the Kebble family.  This is a visually stunning documentary. It’s incredibly powerful in all the right places and the audio is just as incredible.

If you ever thought that South Africa was all sunshine and roses, then think again. This world class documentary shows the ugly side of the country’s belly of dark underworld, complete with greed, corruption and murder. If this film doesn’t get a nod at some international film festivals then i don’t know whats wrong with the world. Take a bow Warren Batchelor – you sure deserve it!



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