Smartie Pants

Hold on to your hats sisters, we have the low-down on the hottest craze around. Gone are the days of plain, mundane and let’s be honest, truly horrid undergarments for all us trendy ladies. These days we have oodles of  cool and funky undies to choose from and what I’m about to tell you is bound to get your knickers in a knot.

Introducing Smartiepants™ ! These absolutely fabulous, one of a kind undies come packaged in a replica… guessed it…..Smartie box (GENIUS)! The undies, which come in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large), are just too gorgeous for words (plus they fit like a dream). We’d buy tall of them up just for the eye-catching box, with funky text like ‘Store in a happy place’ and phrasing such as ‘ability, accomplishment and virtuoso making up the many ‘Ingredients’ printed on the box itself. They truly are ?ber cool.

The Smart-Alecs behind all of this hoopla are the same guys who are behind the brand KragDrag™.  Their Goal – to try and put out relevant social commentary and where possible to deconstruct powerful market strategies and ruthless political forces, as well as  to find new means of activism against them. They started out with colourful and statement making tshirt’s and are finding new ways, like the Smartiepants™, to do this. Its a unique way to state their cause and plus, theyre having heaps of fun doing it.

Go grab a few for yourself and your best girlies. They make stunning birthday presents, and are the perfect prezzies for those naughty hens nights too!! And while we’re talking gifts, the boxes are compact and are perfect to travel with, so throw a few of them in your luggage if you’re venturing overseas, these knckers are proudly South African.

As it says so wisely on the box, ‘Smart girls have more fun’.

***Smartiepants™ retail for R150. You can find Smartiepants™ s well all other KragDrag™ products at Big Blue stores around the country, and follow this link to purchase online…

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